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My cosmic journey


Building an astrology practice

I’ve been practicing astrology professionally since 2022. I offer both in-person and online astrology events. I teach astrology classes, workshops, provide astrology readings and private astrology mentoring for personalized interpretation of your astrological birth chart, memberships and more!

A look at my astrology practice

I take a progressive approach to astrology while using both traditional and more modern techniques and theory. My practice focuses on natal birth chart interpretation, and how it activates with the current and changing astrology through timing and transits.

I use the whole signs house system which means each house is an equal 30 degrees, and the zodiac sign on the cusp of each house begins at 0 degrees. Whole sign houses is the oldest house system and the one I find simplest in understanding and practicing astrology. 

I include the modern planets in my horoscopes and readings, but use traditional techniques for interpreting rulership, timing, transits, and more. (If you have no idea what this means, that’s okay!)

There are many types and styles of astrology and house systems. It’s important for you to find what you relate to best and what works for you!

Again, if you have no idea what any of this means, no worries! Astrology is a practice that comes in time with practice and can take time to “click” and have “aha” moments. Enjoy the learning experience, take what resonates, and leave the rest!


Staying inspired, happy & connected

I’ve been working in the spirituality and wellness industry for 10 years, learning and practicing a variety of healing modalities, spiritual practices, and philosophies to support the well-being of myself and others.

I love participating in summits, festivals, and retreats both in-person and online, and always look forward to new collaborative projects.

When I’m not working as an astrologer and writer, I work as a technology and operations professional, pursue my bachelors of science degree in cybersecurity, and continue to train in astrology with Kelly Surtees

My favorite way to relax and have fun is to spend time creating a loving and inspiring life for my partner and kids on our family farm, or getting the whole family out on an outdoor adventure, going camping, and exploring new places!

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