Embracing the dance of intuition


Navigating challenging decisions amidst logic and destiny

Decision-making is truly a valuable skill that I’ve learned in life. I’ve realized that a combination of logic, intuition, and pragmatism leads me to make choices that align with my true needs. It may sound unusual to blend logic and intuition, but I’ve found that by giving equal weight to both, I gain a deeper understanding of myself and make more accountable decisions. Sometimes, when logic fails, intuition steps in to guide me. On other occasions, logic acts as my compass while intuition helps me navigate through changes. Together, logic and intuition allow me to fully comprehend myself, even the aspects I tend to overlook or avoid.

Having honed these decision-making skills, I’ve been able to prioritize what truly matters, establish helpful routines, and bring simplicity and efficiency into every aspect of my life. Embracing the idea of letting go and accepting loss has become an essential aspect of this skill, leading me to new opportunities and fresh beginnings.

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the full moon in Aries which is tomorrow, Friday, September 29, at 5:57am Eastern Time. I tapped into my decision-making toolbox, armed myself with a well-thought-out plan and looked forward to the fiery energy of the Aries moon propelling me forward to take action. However, as I witnessed the moonrise last night, everything I thought I knew changed…

This powerful full moon may be urging you to take action or make a significant change in your life. Full moons are wonderful occasions to celebrate the culmination of experiences. However, beyond the celebratory peak, lies a time of coming down, letting go, and opening ourselves up to the next chapter. Just as every full moon or celebration is followed by a calm period, the frenzied and intense energy of the full moon, especially the Aries moon, can be channeled into necessary action or inaction. It’s a potent time in the lunar cycle to prepare ourselves for letting go and moving forward.

But here’s the thing… while all of this sounds great in theory, and having practical decision-making skills allows us to anticipate growth and change, it doesn’t account for the pain, loss, or resistance we might feel during the experience. Who really enjoys cleaning up after a party? There’s always that lingering feeling of “what’s next?” This feeling of hesitation doesn’t invalidate our ability to handle the situation, but it acknowledges the complexity of our emotions as we confront painful experiences and overcome resistance.

Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash

In my own life, I’ve been actively working towards various goals in different areas, and I’ve crafted a solid plan complete with milestones and achievements to look forward to along the way. However, as I watched the waxing gibbous moon illuminate the sky last night with its ethereal glow, I received clear intuitive messages that it’s time to make changes to my plan.

Now, this impending full moon has sent me into a bit of a frenzy. I find myself vehemently resistant to the proposed changes my intuition is insisting upon. Intuition has made sure that the weight of these changes is palpable throughout my entire being, like a burden on my shoulders. What complicates matters even further is that logic stands firmly alongside my intuition, making it incredibly challenging to question or deliberate the decision that needs to be made.

Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

While I firmly believe in free will and take action based on that belief, there’s also a part of me that senses things happen for a reason, almost with a sense of destiny. In this moment, the cosmic forces are guiding me to act and warning that if I don’t, it won’t be in my best interest.

— Julie 🌟

I would love to hear from you. When in your own life have you experienced a fierce intuitive hit or message that guided you towards a necessary but challenging decision, one that was different from your carefully laid-out plans? Tell me in the comments below!