Full moon in Gemini reflection and recovery


Sometimes just feeling like you made it through the day is a victory, and that’s okay.

As the cosmic energy settles down from yesterday’s full moon in Gemini, I encourage you to go easy on yourself and give yourself time and space to reflect. Sometimes when the lunar energy and accompanying aspects from other planets is so intense and heightened, it can be really hard to be self-reflective and contemplative, especially if you’re not sure what to focus on. 

It can be really helpful to give yourself some time between the astrological events and reflecting on them. The full moon in Gemini was definitely a lunation to survive and learn from later 😂 Kidding! Well kind of. While it did in some ways feel like a strategic game of survival to get through the day, in actuality I did steal quiet moments throughout the day to collect myself and decide what I needed to do next while ensuring I was self-regulating. 

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I’ve been carefully watching and feeling into the current astrology slowly and from afar, like a fly on the wall looking in. I couldn’t tell if I was going to see some of it come up and feel disruptive, or if I did a good job preparing. As it turns out, I did a good job preparing but I also had to ride the cosmic wave once the full moon hit yesterday. I’m still feeling it, the intensity, and that reality check where everything needs to be done all at once, but simply can’t. So instead I must plod along checking boxes starting with priorities first.

How are you feeling after the full moon? Did yesterday feel chaotic or challenging?

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As an air sign that is ruled by Mercury, Gemini is a mentally stimulating and socially chatty and communicative sign. Imagine this active sign as a full moon growing bigger and more intense and then throwing in a big splash of wild imagination or confusion with a dash of edginess and irritation. THAT was the full moon in Gemini.

Here are the details:

  • Mercury is the ruler of the full moon in Gemini
  • Mercury is currently in Sagittarius in its detriment (meaning a sign it doesn’t do well in!) and was square to Neptune during the full moon
  • Mars was near the Sun during the full moon 
  • The full moon was square to Saturn in Pisces 
  • 😭 that’s how I feel today – if that’s you too, I feeeeel you 🖤

In addition to this full moon creating feelings of uncertainty because of Mercury in Sagittarius’s inability to hone in on the details and Neptune adding a dreamy confusion or head fog, Mars was two degrees from the Sun adding an extra zap of intensity or irritation. If that all doesn’t sound like overload enough, the full moon was square to Saturn, asking/encouraging/forcing us to make choices that make us more responsible, mature, or strategic in our planning.

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Regardless of what current aspects are flavoring the moon phase, the full moon in Gemini pulls balance between the Gemini area of your birth chart and the Sagittarius area. Gemini and Sagittarius are opposite signs or polarities of one another. That means that this full moon supports us in illuminating these areas of our lives and bringing balance back to them. You’ll want to look to see where each of these zodiac signs show up in your astrological chart and consider what themes and topics are being activated for you. What is showing up in a big way for you right now? Click here to grab a house reference and zodiac sign reference. 

The full moon is a time of culmination, to celebrate and let go of a cycle, process, or experience that you’ve been working towards or working on for the past six months. This lunar cycle started with the new moon in Gemini on June 18, 2023.

Overall this was an intense full moon that may have left you feeling unsettled but it’s also possible that it didn’t show up in your life in this way. Depending on what area of your chart you have Gemini in, you may have found that you got through this full moon with ease, or at least with relative discomfort.

— Julie 🌟

♊ What is your primary takeaway from the full moon in Gemini? What is sticking out to you the most as something you’re reflecting on? Comment below! ♊

Review your birth chart:

  • What house do you have Gemini in? What are the topics and themes of that house?
  • What house do you have Sagittarius in? What are the topics and themes of that house?
  • How are you being called to bring balance to the Gemini and Sagittarius axis of your chart? What changes do you need to make? What do you need to continue? Is there anything you might need to let go of or slow down on?
  • What house do you have Pisces in? This is good to know because Saturn has been making a lot of aspects and squares to other planets lately. These aspects ask us to be responsible, streamlined, and mature in various ways, although oftentimes we experience these lessons through challenges. 
  • The full moon is a time of culmination, to celebrate and let go of a cycle, process, or experience that you’ve been working towards or working on for the past six months. What has been growing and changing in the Gemini areas of your life?