Hello Sagittarius season, let's get exploring


It’s my birthday season! Remember that life is an adventure, get your cosmic gift guide and more ✨

Sagittarius season really lights me up! My Sun is in Sagittarius, so I find my joy, happiness, purpose, and vitality in the style of Sagittarius. Sagittarius loves to set off on an adventure filled with optimism without necessarily needing to know where they are headed. And, even if they know where they plan to go, they will likely get distracted by something else that begs to be explored along the way. Sagittarius loves freedom and to try new things but can get a little lost on the details of the matter. Ultimately, Sagittarius likes to enthusiastically do life and is the epitome of the phrase “enjoy the journey.”

Sooo I also have a stellium in Sagittarius (a stellium is 3 or more planets in one astrological sign). And Mercury is one of them. Mercury in Sagittarius is in its detriment, which means that being in Sagittarius is an uncomfortable placement for Mercury. Mercury likes details and precision, and to be organized and systematic in its thinking, communication, and delivery. In Sagittarius, Mercury operates like a blanket that is trying to consume a pile of books through osmosis. In so many ways it’s an amazing placement that offers big picture ideas and concepts, but it can be suuuper overwhelming and not particularly fruitful in creating tangible results.

I am the leader of the search down the rabbit hole, often forgetting to resurface. It has taken me so long to develop the self-awareness to understand this about myself. The biggest lesson has shown up in recent years where I have delved deep into researching several topics with the intention of writing a book. Two to three topics later I have accumulated a lot of information but have written no books.

On the plus side, I absolutely love thinking and exploring and contemplating. It brings me peace and joy to be in that quiet space in my mind as I consider and integrate many ideas and concepts, and because of that, if all I ever do is research and explore in this way, I know I will have enjoyed the journey.

But okay, screeching tires halt here. This is all great but I really DO want to write an effing book haha! So how am I going to make that happen with all this Sagittarius energy in my birth chart? Well, I am going to lean into the other planets, signs, and angles in my chart. Wait – this gets better.

There is some discrepancy about my birth time and all it takes is a 7 minute window that makes me either Cancer Rising or Leo Rising. Throughout my years of studying and practicing astrology I have gone back and forth between focusing on Cancer Rising or Leo Rising. One of the most interesting and magical things about it is that some of the most prominent traits about me and my experiences in life are mirrored in both charts. One significant difference: my Leo Rising chart makes me feel like a badass even though it points to pain and sadness in certain areas of my chart I’d rather avoid. 

I spent a tremendous amount of time exploring my life through the lens of Cancer Rising in 2023. I even settled in saying to myself, just commit to it. And yet, it continues to happen where I feel like my inner spark is missing as a Cancer Rising so I begin to explore Leo Rising. Now, here we are, the end of 2023 and I’m ending the year and beginning 2024 focused on my chart as Leo Rising.

I have no idea what’s to come but you can be sure as hell I’m going to find joy in the journey and give myself the freedom to explore.

Do you want to join me?!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season and close to 2023!

— Julie 🌟

♐ What are you most looking forward to this Sagittarius season? Tell me in the comments below! ♐

➡️ Review your birth chart:

  • What house do you have Sagittarius in? 
  • Review the themes of the house.
  • How can you explore these topics with enthusiasm, optimism, and freedom without getting hung up on the results? Where else in your life can you cultivate this energy? 
  • Where in your life may you need to pull back on being enthusiastic, optimistic, and freedom-loving? Why?