The new moon in Sagittarius as a mystical bumpy ride in optimism and miracles

Could this new moon shift your perspective and ignite an inspirational spark for you?

As you prepare for this week’s new moon in Sagittarius, consider what lights you up and where in your life you could add some more zest or pizzaz. This new moon is a time to reinvest in your own radiance. And it may not come easily or without disruption. 

Mars near the new moon could cause irritation or interference, and the new moon is square to Neptune, the planet of dreams, fantasies, and imagination. In this situation the combination of an energetic and enthusiastic new moon in Sagittarius, offering us insight into the fires of inspiration and adventure-seeking, may feel like a rocky road or instigate misguided focus because Mars and Neptune create ripples of disruption and lack of clarity.

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This energy can feel agitating, so it’s important to stay grounded and patient. This new moon is an excellent time to lean into faith, remaining optimistic when tensions arise, and to come up with dreamy solutions to the issues that bubble to the surface – either in real life as the new moon unfolds, as you daydream about possibilities and future plans, or in the days to come as things settle down. 

Neptune gives us the opportunity to delve into the mystical, and with Mars introducing hangups, I can’t stop thinking about miracles with this new moon. I think this new moon could give us the chance to shift our perspective on something in a way that feels like a tiny miracle. It’s not the type of miracle that you’re going to ride off into the sunset with and make big dreams happen on, but I do think it goes back to recreating that inner spark we so often lose track of in our day-to-day toils.

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Jupiter, currently retrograde in Taurus, is the ruler of this new moon. With the planet of blessings and abundance in the earth sign of Taurus, it’s a perfect time to slow down, get grounded, and appreciate the tiny wins and miracles. Rather than engage with any frenetic or frenzied energy that Mars could add to the mix, slow way down, and embrace the possibilities without needing to know the clear outcome. 

Somebody recently posted the quote, “If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s,” by Carl Jung. To me, this is how this new moon feels. Ripe with possibility but lacking the clarity you need to have an expected outcome AND it requires a heap of faith to stay steadfast on your own path into the unknown. 

Ride on into the unknown, friends.

— Julie 🌟

♐ How is this new moon in Sagittarius helping you reignite your passions and dreams? Where in your life could you create a positive shift in your perspective? How could being more grounded and patient smooth any rifts or challenges you’re currently experiencing? Share in the comments below! ♐

🛠️ Technical details of this new moon:

  • New moon is at 20 degrees Sagittarius on Tuesday, December 12 at 6:31pm Eastern Time. 
  • Mars is at 13 degrees Sagittarius
  • Neptune is retrograde at 24 degrees Pisces
  • Jupiter is retrograde at 6 degrees Taurus

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Check out the quick reference guide below for additional information on astrology topics in this post!

Quick reference guide for topics in this post:

New moon – the beginning of the moon cycle is an opportunity for fresh starts and new beginnings

Sagittarius – a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter, uplifting, adventurous, freedom, movement, extroverted, enthusiastic, optimistic

Mars – action-oriented, courageous, daring, confrontational

Neptune – dreams, fantasies, spirituality, mysticism, idealism, chaos

Square – a challenging aspect between planets or points that are 90 degrees apart (three signs away from each other), these challenges create discomfort that we have to work through

Jupiter – expansion, abundance, enthusiasm, good things/blessings, possibilities