This full moon in Leo may have wound you up or wiped you out

As you come into the weekend get grounded, be patient, and seek and enjoy every compassionate and sweet moment possible

The full moon in Leo was on Thursday, January 25 at 12:54pm Eastern Time. The last seven days have been filled with astrological excitement as we all waited for the Pluto cazimi, and the Sun and Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius. And then I have to say that Venus in Capricorn had me captivated for a couple of days mid-week and I knew the full moon in Leo was coming, and that for me, it wasn’t going to be a high energy full moon.

I felt the intense and dramatic feelings looming inside. And my increasing desire for rest and peace was starting to fortify a wall that took a lot of focus and forced drive to get past so that I could complete everything I needed to. It has taken me a lot of determination, but here we are. Getting to the last things I need to complete to end the week and reach a point of rest, relaxation, and peace I so deeply need and desire. How have you fared with this full moon?

Let’s dig into it and chat about the underlying cosmic energy of this full moon in Leo.

Full moons are always a time of building energy and reaching the culminating moment of the lunar cycle. This full moon’s sense of mounting energy and build up feels extra intense. As we got through the week with the moon getting increasingly full, the moment of the full moon doesn’t feel like the peak of the week.

The cosmic weather continues to build right after the full moon, so while the energy of the moon might hit a breaking point, it dovetails into a series of astrological moments through the weekend. While we’re only going to go over the main astrological points that are most connected to the full moon, do keep in mind that the weekend might have moments of turbulence as well as calm that may increase feelings of instability. It’s important to try and stay grounded and hydrated, be patient and open to receive love as well as give compassion generously.

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Leo is known for its flare for the dramatic. Drama that is welcome and appreciated, that is a bit over the top such as intense emotional responses, or even drama that includes an intense way of being or behaving that catches everybody’s attention. In and of itself, this is not negative. This is a major tool and advantage of Leo, but like all zodiac signs, is also accompanied by a growth edge where one must consider their motivations and how their choices impact others. 

So why discuss all the potential drama of Leo? Full moons inherently amplify emotions so throw a little Leo secret-sauce on there and wooo! You’ve got a recipe for a potential emotional rollercoaster (either yours or others!). As with all full moons, it is a moment of culmination and release. With all the build up your energy could be sky high or you might just be getting quiet in your mind and body as you prepare for release. For me, this full moon wiped me ooouuutttt.

One of the key features of this full moon is how it seeks to strike a balance between the Aquarius area of your birth chart and the Leo area of your birth chart. This is called an axis and refers to two signs that are opposite one another in the zodiac. In this situation, we refer to this as the Leo-Aquarius axis.

The moon is in Leo, a sign that is all about expressing the self, meeting the needs and interests of the self, and that likes the spotlight and attention to be on the individual. The Sun rules Leo, and when in Leo does an amazing job performing its role. Currently though, the Sun is in Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo. In Aquarius, the Sun is in their detriment, and struggles to express itself because Aquarius is not focused on the themes of the self. Aquarius considers everybody, the whole community, and the collective.

Look at both the Leo and Aquarius areas of your birth chart. Are you experiencing a pull of focus, need for balance, or tug of realignment in either of these areas of life? How are they connected to you as an individual versus the collective? It may not show up in your life as explicitly individual versus the collective. Consider how these themes may be nuanced in your own specific situation.

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

As if this isn’t enough to feel like an accelerating and dynamic steam train, during this time the Sun, the luminary of identity, vitality, and life purpose, is also square Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, and possibilities. This square can indicate an area where you may begin to experience growth in self-awareness that you were on the precipice of understanding or coming to terms with, and you may feel motivated to make a change or do “the thing.” 

As Jupiter is involved, this square could be bringing your attention to places in your life where you’ve been overdoing it. If you haven’t already started to turn the knob down on that, it’s time. If you have been noticing that you’ve been overworking or over doing it in a particular area of your life, is it possibly related to the Leo or Aquarius area of your birth charts? Consider this as you review where you’d like to focus your energy going forward. If it’s time for a pivot that will benefit your energy and vitality, do it. You have Jupiter’s blessings.

The Sun is conjunct Pluto (so the moon is opposite Pluto) which also highlights the need to consider how power and leadership might be experiencing a push and pull in your life or collectively. What power plays are you observing in your life or from your vantage point in the collective?

 Some other things to keep in mind as you roll into the weekend:

  • The exact square between the Sun and Jupiter is on Saturday, January 27, at 2:18am Eastern Time – drawing out the themes from the square during the full moon from the Sun to Jupiter, this may be the final push on “the thing” that you need a boost on
  • Uranus stations direct at 19 degrees Taurus on January 27, at 2:35am Eastern Time – this might jar things up and require some course correction
  • There’s a lovely (sarcastic 😆) conjunction between Mercury and Mars on Saturday, January 27 at 9:58am Eastern Time – be patient, listen more than you talk, stay grounded
  • AND if you can make it through  a l l   o f   t h a t   there’s a super sweet and abundant Venus trine Jupiter aspect on Sunday, January 28 at 8:01pm Eastern Time – this is an extra extra wonderful aspect, so live it up! Enjoy delightful blessings and dream big on those long-term plans ✨

Friends, as always, care for yourself. When things on earth get jumbled up, make sure you are resourced, sleeping as well as possible, and staying hydrated. Oh, and breathe! Super important and something we always forget to do.

Sending love to you wherever you are on your cosmic journey 🖤✨

– Julie 🌟

Look at both the Leo and Aquarius areas of your birth chart. Are you experiencing a pull of focus, need for balance, or tug of realignment in either of these areas of life? How are they connected to you as an individual versus the collective? Share in the comments below! ♌

🛠️ Technical details of this full moon:

  • Full moon is at 5 degrees Leo on Thursday, January 25, 2024 at 12:53pm Eastern Time
    • Sun is at 5 degrees Aquarius
    • Pluto is at 0 degrees Aquarius
    • Jupiter is at 6 degrees Taurus
  • Sun in Aquarius at 6 degrees is square Jupiter in Taurus at degrees on Saturday, January 27, 2024 at 2:18am Eastern Time
  • Uranus stations direct at 19 degrees Taurus on January 27, 2024 at 2:35am Eastern Time
  • Venus in Capricorn at 6 degrees is trine Jupiter in Taurus at 6 degrees on Sunday, January 28. 2024 at 8:01pm Eastern Time

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➡️ Review your birth chart:

  • Find Leo in your chart, what house is it in?
    • Review the themes of the house. What are the themes of the house you have Leo in?
    • Do you have any planets or points in Leo? 
    • What is coming up for you in this area of your life right now?
  • Find Aquarius in your chart, what house is it in?
    • Review the themes of the house. What are the themes of the house you have Aquarius in?
    • Do you have any planets or points in Aquarius? 
    • What is coming up for you in this area of your life right now?

Check out the quick reference guide below for additional information on astrology topics in this post!

📖 Quick reference guide for topics in this post:

Full moon – The full moon is a time of culmination, to celebrate and let go of a cycle, process, or experience that you’ve been working towards or working on for the past six months

Moon – body, emotions, needs, intuition, nourishment, caregiving, cyclical

Leo – warm, charismatic, dramatic, uplifting, fun, extroverted, expressive, creative, honorable, loyal, stable, can be self-centered or prideful, leadership, likes attention/spotlight

Sun – the sun is your identity, your vitality, and your life purpose

Aquarius – social, cares about the collective and community, inventive, visionary, innovative, logical, mentally stimulating, can get stuck in ways of thinking

Pluto – transformation, power, death and rebirth, things that are hidden, wealth, control

Detriment – A sign where a planet doesn’t do well and has to work hard to perform its job.

Jupiter – Jupiter – expansion, abundance, enthusiasm, good things/blessings, possibilities

Taurus – Taurus – patient, loyal, stable, practical, grounded, stubborn, steadfast over time, consistency, measured, doesn’t like change

Square – a challenging aspect between planets or points that are 90 degrees apart (three signs away from each other), these challenges create discomfort that we have to work through

Uranus – freedom, authenticity, rebellious, innovative, unpredictable