This new moon in Pisces wants you to dream the dream that inspires you to take action and create something beautiful in your life

The moon glides between Saturn’s boundary-making realities, Neptune’s boundless realms and all things Pisces are amplified

This new moon in Pisces wants you to dream the dream that inspires you to take action and create something beautiful in your life
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This new moon in Pisces feels like a dip in healing waters. Like a smile as you drift off to sleep. Soothing contentment as you open yourself to a sweet dream, uplifting goal or get clear on what matters to you most and what you need to let go of and focus on to make room for it.

The moment of the new moon was Sunday, March 10 at 5:00am Eastern Time. We have had quite a bit of rocky change filled and shifting astrology lately (and more coming!), so when I saw this beautiful new moon coming up, I pulled every chart and reviewed every aspect immediately. I was absolutely delighted to find that this new moon is a charming and aspirational new moon that wants us to plan and be methodical while tuning into our dreams. 

I don’t know about you, but lately, with all the challenges we are facing in the world, to allow myself to soften into a dream or dreamlike state and feel safe there or open to following my heartfelt aspirations, has been impossible. This new moon is exactly what I needed, and if you’re feeling anything like me, you need it to.

This new moon is ruled by Jupiter in Taurus. With Jupiter in Taurus, this new moon will support us in embodying our deepest desires and wisdom, and bringing them to life. This is a time when you can bring your loftiest dreams down from the ethers and ground them into physicality and the material world. While there are many small steps to manifesting our goals this is a time of taking an expansive viewpoint filled with possibilities about what our dreams could be. 

While Taurus is a methodical and practical sign, with Saturn and Neptune both at play with this new moon, the energies take on a mystical and boundless approach to dreams that are meant to be explored while considering what limits could be supportive. Give yourself time to dream impractically. When we break through the ceiling of expectations and logical thought we can touch upon something new and inspiring that we may never have perceived otherwise. 

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The new moon is at 20 degrees Pisces with Saturn at 11 degrees Pisces and Neptune at 27 degrees Pisces. With all of these planets here together, their energies blend through the lens of Pisces style and perspective on life. Pisces is all about harmony, compassion and being sensitive and receptive and Saturn is gently helping us to create boundaries in support of our dreams and goals. Neptune invites us to dream, get mystical and play with how our ideals can guide us.

Saturn often brings a reality check that helps us shift focus and simplify, but this one may not hit as intensely as others. Saturn in Pisces has more of a diffused feeling especially with Neptune involved. Maybe it feels like a subtle reminder or is affirming something you already know. You may be able to gain clarity but do keep in mind that Neptune isn’t really concerned with absolute clarity. There is so much Pisces energy and expansive wisdom happening with this new moon that it needs to be explored and then implemented.

Saturn brings focus to long term planning, so even if life or your direction feels a bit unclear, you can make one decision or take one action towards the dreamy goal without feeling like you have to know exactly the right action to take or it being the perfect one. 

Neptune is on a slow ramp up following this new moon to its point of cazimi with the Sun on Monday, March 17 at 7:22am Eastern Time. That is definitely a day to metaphorically lie on your unicorn floaty in a sparkling and relaxing pool while having your every need catered to so you can just exist in a dreamy state. I really think relaxing into these states is a major part of the wisdom of this new moon. I believe we’re being asked and encouraged to allow ourselves to let go and find a blissful moment. Perhaps because we’re forgetting how to experience bliss more and more with each year and decade that passes by. 

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This new moon feels a bit liminal. If you start to feel like you have to know the answer or need to be in control, try to loosen your grip. Holding tight when situations need flow will create unnecessary irritation. This is a new moon to be ridden like a gorgeously supportive wave that is bringing you towards your highest good, even if you don’t know what that is. It’s better to lean into it than fight it.

Neptune and Pisces can bring us to the edges of reality, creating feelings of confusion or dazed perception, and Jupiter always needs a check in on extremes. So do remain careful and curious about what is coming up for you and what your motivations are behind it. Use this time to consider yours and others highest good in the most loving and compassionate way possible. Let love lead.

My favorite part about this new moon and the beginning of this lunar cycle is that Venus enters Pisces, the sign of their exultation, the day after the new moon. On Monday, March 11 at 5:51pm Eastern Time, Venus will enter Pisces bringing even more compassion and heartfelt caring into your dreamscapes and connections with others. This energy will be available for us to tap into with this new moon as it grows towards full. I recommend soaking up all the beauty that this mystical and nourishing Venus in Pisces transit has to offer in accompaniment to the new moon. This is the last new moon before we enter eclipse season so caring for yourself and others in the most soulful way possible will help bolster you as we encounter unstable eclipse energy in the coming weeks.

— Julie 🌟

📝 Journal and comment prompts

  • In what ways are you being drawn towards harmonious feelings or experiences?
  • How does thinking about these harmonious thoughts make you feel in your body?
  • Where in your life could you be more compassionate and loving? In what ways do you need or desire compassion for yourself in your life or in this world?
  • Are you receiving any intuitive hits about where in your life you could simplify or focus on more?
  • What is your dreamiest dream? Is it an attainable dream? Why or why not?
  • How could you bring feelings of bliss from your dreamscapes into your daily life?

🛠️ Technical details of this new moon

  • New moon is at 20 degrees Pisces on Sunday, March 10 at 5:00am Eastern Time
  • New moon is ruled by Jupiter at 12 degrees Taurus
  • Saturn is at 11 degrees Pisces
  • Neptune is at 27 degrees Pisces
  • Venus enters Pisces Monday, March 11 at 5:51pm Eastern Time

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➡️ Review your birth chart

  • Find Pisces in your chart, what house is it in?
  • Review the themes of the house.
  • What are the themes of the house you have Pisces in?
  • Do you have any planets or points in Pisces? What are they?
  • What is coming up for you in this area of your life right now?

Check out the quick reference guide below for additional information on astrology topics in this post!

📖 Quick reference guide for topics in this post

New moon - the beginning of the moon cycle is an opportunity for fresh starts and new beginnings

Taurus - patient, loyal, stable, practical, grounded, stubborn, steadfast over time, consistency, measured, doesn’t like change

Pisces - sensitive, receptive, feelings, inspiration, mystical, imagination, dreams, lack of clarity or confusion, charitable, compassionate

Venus - delights, enjoyment, pleasure, aesthetics, art, desire, relationships, love

Jupiter - expansion, abundance, enthusiasm, good things/blessings, possibilities

Saturn - structure, discipline, boundaries, limits, time, maturity, seriousness, authority 

Neptune - dreams, fantasies, spirituality, mysticism, idealism, chaos

Conjunct - an aspect when two planets or points are in the same sign and their energies blend

Exultation - A sign where a planet does exceptionally well, we experience it as positive perks, and favorable/fortunate outcomes