This new moon in Scorpio asks you to authentically go after something you want

Today’s new moon in Scorpio runs deep and has the potential for unexpected transformation and change that YOU choose.

What makes this new moon (and this week!) so powerful:

  • Monday, November 13, 2023, 4:27am: New moon in Scorpio – the new moon in Scorpio is happening at 20 degrees Scorpio and is ruled by Mars who is currently combust in Scorpio, one of the signs of its rulership, so it’s a powerful placement where Mars has all the resources it needs to perform its job (secretly 🤫)
  • Monday, November 13, 2023, 12:20pm: the Sun is in opposition to Uranus – this aspect is between the Sun at 21 degrees Scorpio and Uranus at 21 Taurus. It’s happening very close to the new moon and hours later the same day. This opposition wants you to follow your authentic truth and shine bright even if it feels out of the box or different than others expectations
  • Saturday, November 18, 2023, 12:41am: Mars cazimi – this Mars conjunction with the Sun is a reset and renewal for the Scorpio area of your chart and begins a two year Mars cycle that you can use to plan a goal or intention
  • This new moon and Sun opposite Uranus aspect arrive after we just had a powerplay and disruption between Mercury square Saturn on Friday, and Mars opposite Uranus on Saturday – so lots of potential for change, reality checks, transformation, disruption, and new decisions here! (it’s okay if you have no idea what that means, just check in with the suggested vibe and see what’s been coming up for you as you consider what goals or plans to make with this new moon)
  • Scorpio is co-ruled by Pluto which can bring up feelings or experiences of hidden power, depth, and transformation so definitely something to keep in mind as you explore how the energy of this time feels to you
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Aww yeah! There’s so much potential with this new moon AND it’s such a welcome change after eclipse season. 

Mars is super helpful in getting focused and taking action on what you want and this new moon lays the groundwork for you to get started, and make choices over the next couple weeks to get things going on a goal or intention that you’ll work on during this Mars cycle. Since the new moon is almost in exact opposition to Uranus, you may experience some disruption or surprises. And the good news is, since this new moon is so deeply connected with the upcoming Mars cazimi, you don’t need to rush into this decision. Give yourself time during this waxing moon cycle to reflect on what’s been coming up for you and what you’d like to focus on.

With the Sun opposing Uranus shortly after and so close to the new moon, you may find that something within you is stirring and ready for you to share or reclaim about yourself. If there’s something you’ve been hesitant to do or something about yourself that you’ve been resistant to express (the weirder/more unusual from expectations the better!), consider this your formal invitation to wave that freak flag.

Photo by Benjamin Wedemeyer on Unsplash

The final cherry on top of this new moon is the Mars cazimi on Saturday. It really helps set the tone and planning of a supportive restart. It’s bringing a refresh to the Scorpio area of your chart and carries the new moon energy and intention building with it, starting with the new moon and flowing into the next two years. This cazimi is a powerful and magical time. 

This new moon in Scorpio is an opportunity for you to identify what you intensely want or don’t want, with an extra focus on how your individuality and freedom of choice can help you focus on and choose a specific goal.

I encourage you to direct this energy in a way that fits your life, needs, and desires. And if you’re ready to go bold or go home, DO NOT go home. 😘🖤

All dates and times listed are in the Eastern Time Zone. Click here to convert to your time zone.

— Julie 🌟

♏ What if this is the beginning of the story you never knew you were brave enough to live? What story would you want to tell? Tell me in the comments below!

➡️ Review your birth chart:

  • Find Scorpio in your chart and review the themes of the house it is in. What story do you want to live out in this area of your chart? Hint: Tune into what you really, really want and what you really, really don’t want, and go from there!

Check out the quick reference guide below for additional information on astrology topics in this post!

Quick reference guide for topics in this post:

Themes of Scorpio – strategic, complex, intense, transformation, introspection, emotional depth, stubbornness, perseverance, loyal, inner strength, self-control

Mars themes – courage, determination, assertive, action-oriented, passion

Sun themes – the sun is your identity, your vitality, and your life purpose

Uranus themes – freedom, authenticity, rebellious, innovative, unpredictable

Combustion – combustion is when a planet is so close to the sun that it is hidden but isn’t receiving the renewing benefits of a cazimi (it’s more hidden and secretive)

Cazimi – a cazimi is when a planet is conjunct (in the same house) and at the same exact degree of the sun, it’s a cleansing and purifying aspect for the planet that brings renewal and a reset

A general description of a Scorpio house

This description of having Scorpio on the cusp of a house (meaning what house you have Scorpio in your astrological chart) really resonates with me. What do you think?

Scorpio on the cusp of a house: this area of your life is subject to cyclical processes of crisis, elimination, and renewal. Here, you go to the depths and are disinclined to compromise. 

– Carole Taylor, Astrology: Using the Wisdom of the Stars in Your Everyday Life