This potent new moon in Capricorn is supercharged to support your plans

Feel into what you want and initiate yourself into a new way of being or doing

This eagerly awaited new moon in Capricorn is ushering us into some wonderfully uplifting and inspiring astrology as we move into mid-January and finish out the month. It’s a powerful new moon for getting going on a goal or project, and not just from the perspective of common or typical new moon manifesting, where at the start of the moon cycle you set an intention for it to grow into something larger and tangible.

Each month as the moon grows from dark and new to crescent, quarter, and full, it’s building energy. And the energy during the first few days of the new moon can be focused and integrated into your life to support you. During each moon phase and throughout the moon cycle, the moon’s flavor changes as it moves through the zodiac signs and makes aspects with other planets. And this last piece, about the moon’s changing flavor and energy, is what is making this new moon so potent. 

The main planetary players with this week’s new moon are Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter, with Uranus mixing things up and giving us the opportunity to create change in our lives or the world at large. While some of the energy of this new moon can incite change or innovation, and the mojo to spur us into action, it is also built on a lot of earth energy and potential for successful long-term planning.

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Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn. This is an astrological time of getting started with long term plans, setting ourselves up for success with limits intended to support our enduring achievements, and all the foundations required for our plans to become reality. That is the innate energy of a new moon in Capricorn. 

With Saturn, the ruler of this new moon, in Pisces we’re not just focused on the practical or most efficient approach to our plans and organization. We have the chance to check in with how we’re feeling about the situation or our desired outcome. 

The new moon is occurring at 20 degrees Capricorn on Thursday, January 11 at 6:57am Eastern Time, and while not an exact trine, it is trine by sign and almost degree to Uranus at 19 degrees in Taurus. It’s with this aspect that if we’re looking to disrupt or pivot a situation, Uranus, planet of innovation and authenticity, can support us in doing that. 

I absolutely love Uranus, and I have to say that lately when Uranus pops into the picture of my life, I experience some disruption that forces me to grow and get out of my comfort zone. I’ve become open to welcoming it, but sometimes I definitely feel like “sigh, here we go again” 😂 

Uranus is opening up avenues of change that could create a new pathway or break a pattern, and Saturn is encouraging us to check in with our hearts and energetic bodies. The journey we’re being guided towards is a direction aligned with how we feel and what is authentically ours to claim so we can continue to be in alignment with what is best for ourselves, our highest purpose, or the next milestone that is ours to achieve.

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So now that we’ve found this part of ourselves that is ready to be expressed and lived into, Mars trine Jupiter is going to help you get at it and go big. 

Mars at 5 degrees Capricorn trines Jupiter at 5 degrees Taurus on Friday, January 12 at 5:41am Eastern Time. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which means they’re working at highest capacity with all of the tools and resources they need AND beyond. Basically, Mars is a superhero right now. 

This aspect happens less than 24 hours after the moment of the new moon. The moon is very new, fresh, and growing towards a crescent as this superpowered trine helps you shed any fears and get into courageous action that brings you feelings of opportunity and optimism, and the potential of good things to come. The earth signs of Capricorn and Taurus indicate that things may take time (in addition to Saturn’s influence).

Your job isn’t to know what the good things are, how they are going to show up in your life, or what you’re going to do after. Your job is to feel into what you most authentically want in your heart right now, and if you feel called to, initiate yourself into a way of being or doing that is built on sustainable structures. You are setting the stage. The performance will come in time. Make it the show you look forward to bringing to life. ❤️‍🔥

— Julie 🌟

♑ How is this new moon helping you make long-term plans that are in alignment with your heart and emotions? What do you need to do differently or change in your life so you can take authentic action? How does staying optimistic open pathways to sustainable growth? Share in the comments! ♑

🛠️ Technical details of this new moon:

  • New moon is at 20 degrees Capricorn on Thursday, January 11 at 6:57am Eastern Time
  • Mars at 5 degrees Capricorn trine Jupiter at 5 degrees Taurus on Friday, January 12 at 5:41am Eastern Time
  • Uranus is retrograde at 19 degrees Taurus
  • Saturn is at 4 degrees Pisces

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➡️ Review your birth chart:

  • Find Capricorn in your chart, what house is it in?
  • Review the themes of the house.
  • What are the themes of the house you have Capricorn in?
  • Do you have any planets or points in Capricorn? What are they?
  • What is coming up for you in this area of your life right now?

Check out the quick reference guide below for additional information on astrology topics in this post!

Quick reference guide for topics in this post:

New moon – the beginning of the moon cycle is an opportunity for fresh starts and new beginnings

Capricorn – focused, structured, conservative, hard-working, strategic planner, practical, grounded, endurance, long term

Saturn – structure, discipline, boundaries, limits, time, maturity, seriousness, authority 

Pisces – sensitive, receptive, feelings, inspiration, mystical, imagination, dreams, lack of clarity or confusion, charitable, compassionate

Mars – action-oriented, courageous, daring, confrontational, determination, assertive, passion

Jupiter – expansion, abundance, enthusiasm, good things/blessings, possibilities

Taurus – patient, loyal, stable, practical, grounded, stubborn, steadfast over time, consistency, measured, doesn’t like change

Uranus – freedom, authenticity, rebellious, innovative, unpredictable

Trine – a very positive and beneficial aspect between planets or points that are 120 degrees apart (four signs away from each other)

Exultation – A sign where a planet does exceptionally well, we experience it as positive perks, and favorable/fortunate outcomes